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Player: Nao
Contact Information: [ profile] lollichop

Noriaki Kakyoin | 花京院典明

Canonpoint: One month post-AU!Stardust Crusaders
Wish: 'I wish that it had been me instead of them!'
Result: What Kakyoin demanded was for his friends to be alive, and they are. But what he said was 'me instead of them', and the karmic butterfly effect strikes hard. The world shifts to one where Noriaki Kakyoin died in Cairo, Caesar Zeppeli was killed fifty years beforehand, and the Joestar bloodline is the one carrying a legacy of battle.
Weapon: A paintbrush.
-Visor detail
-Inactive Soul Gem set in glasses
-Soul Gem manifested
IC contact: Here
Points: Here


» Regeneration - Passive healing of Kakyoin's own injuries. More severe wounds take longer to heal, and healing too much at once takes a serious toll on his Soul Gem.
» Fatalità (Fatality) - Only visible in Kakyoin's visor, it color-codes enemies' weaknesses; a target's entire body would show up as a silhouette, but their weak point(s) would be colored red. Limited to a 25ft range; overextension of using it for longer than five seconds temporarily strains and weakens his eyesight.
» Rosso Colpire (Red Strike) - Using magically generated red paint, Kakyoin draws in an X or a slash formation to inflict damage on enemies. The amount of damage dealt would depend on range; painting in the air at a distance is much less effective than painting directly on an enemy's body. Essentially the former inflicts concussive strikes, while the latter at full strength can potentially act as a cut from a bladed weapon.
» Solare Giallo (Sunlight Yellow) - Kakyoin's paintbrush uses yellow paint, granting him the ability to manipulate an imitation of sunlight. Drawn in a triangular shape with direct contact it burns an enemy, while using it at range creates a brief blinding flash of light. In a less combat-focused application, it can also function as a small light source.
» » » Solare Giallo Overdrive - Paints yellow triangles on the back of his own hands instead of in the air or an enemy. For five seconds, the same artificial sunlight gets channeled through his hands and arms for the chance to inflict physical strikes which burn an enemy directly. If he chooses to utilize this rather than the basic form of Solare Giallo, the drawback is that his magic (including regeneration) burns out and becomes completely ineffective for ten seconds after each use.
» Platino Stella Cadente (Platinum Shooting Star) - A five-pointed star drawn with silver paint, to shoot projectiles made entirely of magical energy. The speed, power, and amount of shots all depend on the size of the star drawn; larger ones take significantly more magic. At its strongest, he can manage five magic bullets roughly softball-sized and on a more standard level, a small handful of weaker shots about the size of ordinary handgun bullets.
» Giada Filo (Jade Wire) - Straight lines in pale green create animate emerald wires about five feet in length. Directed by his concentration, they're able to move to restrain a target, attack like whips, or be used as a grappling hook. The drawbacks to this are that they aren't particularly strong--they can hold a person's weight but are easily broken as restraints, as well as having limited attack power. Additionally, one end has to remain wrapped around Kakyoin's hand (limiting him to only two wires at a time) and if they're snapped or broken it causes him pain/potential injury unaffected by his passive regeneration.


Fourth-walling? Probably better we don't. But if you want to call out any of the million and one musical references in this mess of a series, you're absolutely welcome to.
Backtagging? Always!
Shipping? Probably not; friendship and platonic stuff is likely going to be his limit for a while.
Violence? I'm totally up for planning out fights if things come to that, just let me know!
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"This is Kakyoin Noriaki. Please leave a message, I'll contact you as soon as I can."

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"This is Kakyoin Noriaki. Please leave a message, I'll contact you as soon as I can."

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